31 March 2006

cosmo or redbook

at one point after my divorce, i came to this realization that i was no longer a redbook girl. that i was once again, a cosmo girl. for the record, i have NEVER been a woman's day girl....EVER.
anyway, i'm not sure how to balance the shift into the redbook world. i don't mind it, in fact, i enjoy it....but i certainly don't want to loose all of the cosmo girl....
for now...i'm going to go read my april edition of INSTYLE.....maybe that is what i should really be ;)

20 March 2006

squirrel bites

squirrel bites. i’ve apparently got squirrel bites. one must beware of squirrel bites….they are a nuisance and they itch. just in case you were wondering.

14 March 2006


i heart

here is a flantastic website http://www.matmice.com/home/flantastic/ music is annoying but the content is delish.

this is the nutritional content of flan ---- i think it is fully of juicy sweetness.

New Pics

new pics are posted in the photo blog. http://acrocks.buzznet.com/user/