22 July 2007

the crumber

i took the kids and bill to eddie v's for his birthday. it is always so fun to indulge the kids (and bill for that matter).....
food and service that are both just delicious. manthie and i took bill last year, and at one point she said, "it isn't as fancy as it was last year." i realized this was because the waiter had not yet come by between courses with the "crumber."
well, thank god, he did finally come by and all was well and right in the world. and to top it off, manthie has her very own crumber now.

20 July 2007

link to hello kitty has no mouth

this is not only hilarious but also well written....

gotta love fiona and hello kitty...and my sister for being such a good mommy.

good old fashioned swimming hole

yesterday afternoon i sat grinning from ear to ear. for bill's birthday, we took the kids to cypress valley canopy tours and for an over night stay in the tree house there called the lofthaven. we arrived and did a zip line canopy tour through the cypress trees along the creek. this place has a low impact footprint and runs entirely from on-site solar, water, and wind provided energy. in our world of work, tv, computers blah blah blah, it was nice to unplug and get back to adventure and nature.
in the pic you can see the lake behind this platform we are on. well, here is where the ginning came in. since we were overnight guests and there is only ONE treehouse, we were all alone. (the owners live on site but we didn't see them at all after the businenss closed down for the day). the kids wanted to take an evening swim, so we went down to the swimming hole. they had a zip line in to water, and a rope swing. simple swimming fun. no floaties, no diving toys, no fancy suits...just good old fashioned fun at the swimming hole with our family.

if you haven't allowed yourself to get away from the hustle and bustle...go find a swimming hole, get down to your skivvies and swim a while. rope swing from a tree = added bonus.
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