25 January 2009

11 Benefits of Being Positive

11 Benefits of Being Positive

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21 January 2009

hank in action

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still dreaming of a dog ranch

I often kid with my husband and my friends....that i want to just stop everything else a go farm dogs. Well, really just ranch them...rescue them, let them laugh and play and run all day and snuggle up and cuddle with us all evening. 
After this video, I might be able to add elephants to my farm, too.  
Still just love the dogs....and how human they can be. 
Thanks to Malita for sharing on her blog (if she had "sharethis" i'd a shared via that!"

14 January 2009

my list for the day

It has been a while since I've posted a 'list'....I'm inspired today so here goes:

  1. Free Sandwiches for lunch - thx star floors
  2. Yesterday's free pizza for lunch-- thanks CTC services
  3. Friend re-connections sponsored by Facebook 
  4. the real estate market is moving faster this month than it did last month
  5. and feburary looks even better
  6. looking forward to Hill Country Ride for Aids Kick Off Party at LaZona Rosa
  7. Bill Flanigin, the hottest and most fun hubby who always has a way to make me smile
  8. new agents with thier first contracts
  9. diet coke
  10. facebook
  11. and this photo of my homie blythe

03 January 2009

01 January 2009

Would you like to be a part of something Extraordinary?

Hey Friends,

It is time to start thinking about and training for HCRA 2009! My goal this year is to ride up the big ass hill without getting off my bike! Here is more information and let me know if you want to be a part of our team! It is usually a dinky little team, but we have a blast and the ride is the Highlight of my year!

Bill is speaking at the kick off party this year! You are invited!

Bring your friends and join us at the

Tenth Annual Kick-Off Party!

Generously sponsored by Bill Evans, Realtor

Thursday, January 15

La Zona Rosa

7:00 doors open,

8:00 new video

Free food, cash bar, and the best people in Austin.

My first year I didn't train at all....and I made it! http://allisoncrow.blogspot.com/2007/05/hill-country-ride-for-aidsi-made-it.html and last year...I didn't train either and made it but was dead to the world for a day! It was amazing! Join us...riding or just cheering!