14 December 2005

Rent Cars

I have to admit...I'm one of those people who cares what kind of car I drive. I'm in my car... A LOT...and I like to be comfortable, feel confident that I can take a curb if need be, and of course I need to have room and a level of luxury for my clients, AND...I need to be able to pull my boat. I admit it...I care.

I recently sold a perfectly good Isuzu Trooper and bought a used "LR-D." Code used since I will be bashing said snobby brand name. I love my new SUV even though it guzzles gas...it looks good, feels good, is tough, and best of all the bill comes in my CURRENT name.

So my LR comes with free service at scheduled mileage points...and I make an appt. to take it in. They tell me because I didn't buy my car at their dealership they won't give me a LR loaner car, but they will give me a rent car. Lovely, I've bought a car from a company that is really snobby and treats some customers better than others. I'm about to shell out 360 bucks for the electric pigtail for my tow hitch! GOOD GOD...the whole hitch cost less than thast on my Trooper.

Whatever, I don't like that they discriminate between customers...I didn't buy my car from them because it was 9K more there and had 17K more miles. DUH. I drove to San Antonio to save a buck or two. But, I'm glad to have a free car to drive for the next 3 days....and I chuckle knowing it will be a rental.

RENTAL CARS....they are NEVER a car you would pick for your self. Even if they are nice. A car can say a lot about one's personality. And I'll tell you, a royal blue subaru says nothing about my personality. Not to knock the subaru drivers of the world (my brother had one, my sister still does, and my best friend from CO has one)...but I am not a subaru person. And I'm really not a ROYAL BLUE CAR person. I'm not bothered by all this--by any means...just find it humorous. Last time it was a green volvo, and before that a light blue ford taurus. I guess that is why they end up at Hertz or Enterprise.....I'm at the repair shop!

So...no that isn't some strange dudes car in my driveway because he is shacking up at my house, and yes I still live in my cute little home on a busy street....that is just my super cool royal blue subaru rent car in the driveway for a few days. :)

...and I really am grateful for the free car....

13 December 2005

34 years of the Zilker Christmas Tree

03 November 2005

the truth- not posted in my match.com profile!

all the good things are true...they really are. but here are the bad things:
my toothpaste tube is a mess.
i tend to leave clothes on the floor where i take them off...this might be in any room of the house.
i dont cook
i dont make the bed every day...some days but not every day
i do like a clean house but would rather someone else keep it that way for me.
i am sensitive. not overly but I certainly FEEL a lot.
i can be a little depressed at times....I've come to grips with it and know exactly how to deal and get through...I am comfortable with my self most of the time...but can get in a grey funk, too.
i tend to cuss a little more than i like
i fear rejection
sometimes, i let my dogs sleep in the bed with me....whatever...MOST of the time. :P
i check my email way too much.
i have expensive taste and often buy something here or there impulsively....with few regrets though.
i can't stay out that late....and start to yawn at 9:13 on the dot almost every night.
did I mention my big crazy family? I expect you to hang out with them at least 3 times a month and pretend you love them too.
I saw this photo in the Red Envelope catalog and actually had an emotional reaction to it....i might even dare to say LOVE.

Yes, I know...i'm not this neat and someone who is might go nuts with me...but i still find this man....who ever he is EXTREMELY sexy.

oh wait...that is just good advertising....the man who lives like that <-------is gay. I'm still in love.

I raise my voice sometimes when I'm REALLY upset....slightly upset, not so much...but REALLY upset...

Did I mention all the good things on my profile really are true? They are...and the bad isn't even Seinfeld worthy...but I'm human and have my quirks. Can you love them like I do?

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....don't ya just love an afternoon nap? me too. going to go take one now. things i want to talk about...
amendment 2 to the Texas constitution (NO WAY)...
online dating
hell dating in general..
david kelley..boston legal...
coming and going of friendships....
but for now the nap