30 January 2006

radical natural

I have this amazing family. Everyone is so different.... My sister. the RADICAL NATURAL has started her own blog...and shamelessly promotes nepotism with a side of humor in her helpful links page. I've pasted below because it is that yummy. Note that I am NOT a Radical Natural. Who knew leslie was so funny...take a read through Morocco Mama for sure. ...here is the post from Courtney's site:
Nepotism in Action
links to family website(s)/blogs - some radical natural, some not
Radical Natural in Morocco
My guru and sister-in-law
Radical Natural Getaway in Mexico
my brother's project, he was radical natural way before i ever thought of it and now he's promoting it in sustainable jungle living down south
Commerical Real Estate in Austin
My dad, radical austin, natural . . . sometimes; the go to guy for commercial real estate in central texas
Residential Real Estate in Austin
my sis, radical natural? nope, unless you count dying your hair to the color you had as a child as "radical natural" but she's a kick butt real estate agent anyway!
Radical Bible Teaching
my "other" dad, REAL LIFE Christianity and Radical Love for Jesus explored here
Radical Giving
my other sis, works to raise money for juvenille diabetes research
Painful Path to Radical Natural
Our journey began in earnest HERE as our daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2003

Did I mention that my sister is a bad ass. She is.

11 January 2006

The Princess Bride and Longhorn fans

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10 January 2006


Someone thought I should blog about my dates. I don't agree. :) But, unlike many single people, I enjoy going on dates....I enjoy meeting new people. The risk of my energy connecting with someone else's....either as friends or more. that is just one of those tuesday afternoon things that make life a little fun. and when they go awkwardly....it is just as fun to come home and laugh with a good friend about it.

One of my good friends has a girl now....and I'm so excited for him. He is a doll...and deserves a really good girl. Hon, if she hurts your heart I'm gonna stalk her ass and kick her in the knee.

Oh and by the way...I took a photo with my phone....it was CLASSIC Austin. I was driving down barton springs rd....and there was a clean cut man riding a bike in nothing but his TEEENY TINY PINK and BLACK ZEBRA speedo style bathing suit. NICE. sadly...really sadly....it didn't save on my phone.