15 February 2008

My Valentine

it has been a long week at work and valentine's day was the last thing on my mind after being in Atlanta all week for a work convention. i came home to a bucket of xxbeer, a cezar salad and this homemade heart shaped pizza. i felt loved, honey. thanks.

05 February 2008

best birthday wish ever

From my dear friend angy beck who used to have a peroxide mullet and i love her so./ She is a part of the A team! and she now coaches MY original 7th grade b team at STA.

"CROW--Widespread, and obvious, Allison CROW is know by most people. What is less well know is how complex her life really is. Young crow remain with their parents until they can find a home of their own, and individual relationships may last years.

In some areas, ALLISON Crow has a double life. She maintains a territory year-round in which all members of its extended family live and forage together. But during much of the year, individual crow leave the home territory periodically staying with other crows.

Despite being a common exploiter of roadkill, the allison Crow is not specialized to be a scavenger, and carrion is only a very small part of her diet. Her stout bill is not strong enough to break through the skin of even a gray squirrel. It must wait for something else to open a carcass or for the carcass to decompose and become tender enough to eat
Happy Birthday you sure are FLY."