14 December 2006


i came home to this little one half dressed in a grocery bag. hmmm....wonder what she has been up to.

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11 December 2006


these are yummy too. love to go dancin' and this was from a few weeks ago when we went for the first time in a while.... Posted by Picasa


my goodness, he is yummy Posted by Picasa

01 December 2006

noah and fiona

Ok....who has the cutest nieces and nephews :)

29 October 2006

i've been BOO'd

I've been boo'd. Welcome to the suburbs. Bill and I are in our new house in the suburbs (don't tell anyone i really like it and am thinking of selling the house in town).

anyway, the other night the doorbell rang and when we went to get it, there was a package at the door. People are so nice here. Where i come from, if you did a ding-dong-ditch, and left something at the door--it was a bag of poo on fire. Well, apparently in the suburbs they do this cutesy thing where you leave a goodie bag on the porch and you are supposed to do the same for 2 more neighbors on the block. All secretly and all little prizes at the door.

Bill had been BOO'd before in other neighborhoods--and sure enough, i've seen the little "I've been BOO'd signs out and about on people's doors--in my neighborhood and others around Cedar Park.

And to think, in tarrytown, where I grew up, we just ding-dong-ditched. As they say in real estate location, location, location.


19 September 2006

my thought for the day

inside all of us, especially us women, is this creature that we have always been. somewhere along the way and in life, especially in the context of relationships, we lose the shape and form of that being. our boundaries become translucent. we need to keep remembering who we are and hold on to that. not that we can't change or evolve, but we must not lose that core of who we are....THAT is what begins us as beautiful.

Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.0.1) - Cite This Source
lose  /luz/
Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[looz] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation verb, lost, los‧ing.
–verb (used with object)
1. to come to be without (something in one's possession or care), through accident, theft, etc., so that there is little or no prospect of recovery:
2. to fail inadvertently to retain (something) in such a way that it cannot be immediately recovered:
3. to suffer the deprivation of: to lose one's job; to lose one's life.

07 June 2006

afternoon nap at petco

hey check this out.
even hamsters spoon with the one they love. good stuff, eh. (i actually took this photo in person...no web poaching of photos here).

04 June 2006

only in austin

this man was lounging with the rest of us who were playing hookey at Barton Springs Pool here in Austin last friday. nice.

31 March 2006

cosmo or redbook

at one point after my divorce, i came to this realization that i was no longer a redbook girl. that i was once again, a cosmo girl. for the record, i have NEVER been a woman's day girl....EVER.
anyway, i'm not sure how to balance the shift into the redbook world. i don't mind it, in fact, i enjoy it....but i certainly don't want to loose all of the cosmo girl....
for now...i'm going to go read my april edition of INSTYLE.....maybe that is what i should really be ;)

20 March 2006

squirrel bites

squirrel bites. i’ve apparently got squirrel bites. one must beware of squirrel bites….they are a nuisance and they itch. just in case you were wondering.

14 March 2006


i heart

here is a flantastic website http://www.matmice.com/home/flantastic/ music is annoying but the content is delish.

this is the nutritional content of flan ---- i think it is fully of juicy sweetness.

New Pics

new pics are posted in the photo blog. http://acrocks.buzznet.com/user/

24 February 2006

crow's have always been cool

flan told his kids i was cheryl's sister. my brother is cameron crow. we are just cool people. my dad is cool, my mom is cool, my sisters are cool and my brother's are cool. my new sister ioulia crow is uber cool and my brothers joel and pete are cool too.

i was famous LONG before cheryl. my cool crow shirt is orange.

22 February 2006

the goods....

my house is level cracks closed up and doos open and shut
landscape plan in in and i should be mud free in a few weeks
the new dude has me... he makes me laugh and smile... simply put- i like the guy
it is possible that the bowman avenue era may be coming to an end--exciting and am formulating post in my mind should this come to fruition
biz is rolling along....i like what i do. so nice to be able to say that.
going to the gym now to perk up my booty
did i mention the new dude? yummy

30 January 2006

radical natural

I have this amazing family. Everyone is so different.... My sister. the RADICAL NATURAL has started her own blog...and shamelessly promotes nepotism with a side of humor in her helpful links page. I've pasted below because it is that yummy. Note that I am NOT a Radical Natural. Who knew leslie was so funny...take a read through Morocco Mama for sure. ...here is the post from Courtney's site:
Nepotism in Action
links to family website(s)/blogs - some radical natural, some not
Radical Natural in Morocco
My guru and sister-in-law
Radical Natural Getaway in Mexico
my brother's project, he was radical natural way before i ever thought of it and now he's promoting it in sustainable jungle living down south
Commerical Real Estate in Austin
My dad, radical austin, natural . . . sometimes; the go to guy for commercial real estate in central texas
Residential Real Estate in Austin
my sis, radical natural? nope, unless you count dying your hair to the color you had as a child as "radical natural" but she's a kick butt real estate agent anyway!
Radical Bible Teaching
my "other" dad, REAL LIFE Christianity and Radical Love for Jesus explored here
Radical Giving
my other sis, works to raise money for juvenille diabetes research
Painful Path to Radical Natural
Our journey began in earnest HERE as our daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome in 2003

Did I mention that my sister is a bad ass. She is.

10 January 2006


Someone thought I should blog about my dates. I don't agree. :) But, unlike many single people, I enjoy going on dates....I enjoy meeting new people. The risk of my energy connecting with someone else's....either as friends or more. that is just one of those tuesday afternoon things that make life a little fun. and when they go awkwardly....it is just as fun to come home and laugh with a good friend about it.

One of my good friends has a girl now....and I'm so excited for him. He is a doll...and deserves a really good girl. Hon, if she hurts your heart I'm gonna stalk her ass and kick her in the knee.

Oh and by the way...I took a photo with my phone....it was CLASSIC Austin. I was driving down barton springs rd....and there was a clean cut man riding a bike in nothing but his TEEENY TINY PINK and BLACK ZEBRA speedo style bathing suit. NICE. sadly...really sadly....it didn't save on my phone.