27 May 2009

things i'm thinking about

things i'm thinking about these days:
  1. i'm thinking about writing about things that really might not go over well in the corporate world...but that would go over very well with an authentic audience.
  2. i'm thinking about how well dark chocolate m&m's go with a good cabernet i'm thinking about my big sister having a child. i want her to be deliriously happy
  3. i'm thinking about God...and how sadly i often only think of him in extreme good or extreme hard situations. i'd like to think about him a little more in the everydays of life. and am sure glad he's there during the hard times.
  4. i'm mindful that people out there are praying for me and my family. that is a warm thought.
  5. i'm thinking about completely and utterly and drastically simplifying my life---aka getting rid of massive amounts of stuff.
  6. i'm thinking i want to live where love live.
  7. i'm thinking about going blonde again. except i really don't want to pay for the upkeep.
  8. i'm thinking about reading more and worrying less.
  9. i'm thinking about my big dog...and how he's getting older and bumpier every day.
  10. i'm thinking about NOT thinking at 2 am, 3 am 4 am.
what are YOU thinking about?

09 May 2009

This makes my ears happy

I hope it makes yours happy too.

reminds me of this great moment with my kids last christmas:

07 May 2009

Ways to Handle the Muck

What do you do when you really couldn't care less to do anything at all--
I'm writing from my hammock and my heart today and know that I am not the only one out there stuck in the muck from time to time. I pulled my computer away from my work desk, because really no work was getting done. A change of scenery and humidity and here I am on the hammock in the back yard. Not the most comfortable place to write...nap yes, laptop no.

As a coach, I'm used to supporting others who are in the muck and helping them create and implement a plan for getting through and out of it and on to a better place in life, work, etc. I know what the great thinkers and motivators and nlp practitioners say. I know what therapists would say, and what spiritual writers, doctors, and even scriptures say. I know many of the traditional and non traditional "prescriptions" for this kind of state.

As a human being, I'm vulnerable to the nothingness of a grey day, to the frustration of procrastination, to getting easily off track and to the deviation of the dreams that normally propel me in to action. Just as often as I give my help and coaching, I need it too.

Havi Brooks, of the Fluent Self discusess 3 of these traditional perscriptions in a blog post called Destuckification 101. At the end she talks about anotherway of "going deeper in to destuckification" that for today works for me and so I wanted to share what she talks about in her blog....she talks about:

About having a conscious, active, intentional relationship with yourself. About what happens when you’re allowed to drop all the shoulds.

Including the ones that say you should be able to push through it. And the ones that say you should be able to sit with it. And the ones that say you should be more grateful.

So that you can give yourself permission to not have to be there yet.

So that you can find out what you need right now. And find ways to give it to yourself. Or at least get better at being eventually ready to receive it.

Interesting I have so much in my mind in the way of all these methods for getting out of this muck. What about being attentive to the muck and what it is saying? It is uncomfortable for me to be in this state...and I'm reminded of the saying....get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Yesterday, my muck terrified me. Today I'm able to be slightly more comfortable with it. I'm finding kindess for myself along the way and staying in that kindess. Cool thing is, I know by tomorrow, that kindess will have filled me up and I'll be ready again, to pour out to those around me.

What do you do when you are stuck in the muck?

And thanks Havi Brooks, for writing in the "REAL"

04 May 2009

Make Up Tip for Ladies on a Budget!

There is this little secret in the make up world, called primer. It is a silky step between your moisturizer and foundation. This primer step really does make a difference in smoothing on your make up and helping it STAY on throughout the day.

I've used 2 products before: Virtual Illusion Make Up Primer By Arbonne (A+) and La Base Pro Make Up Primer by Lancome (A-). Both of these are out of my budget right now. I asked my professional make up artist friend, Adrienne Pitkin with www.makeupbyaddriene.com about her recommendations for primer and here is her answer:

Hi Allison! Thanks so much for your question! For foundation primers, I have been currently using MAC's Prep & Prime Skin, but it's okay. I heard though that MAC recently came out with a new version of their primer called Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone. It is a "light oil-free emulsion that helps cloak visible pores while controlling oil and shine." I can see this being a good product to review myself. Hmmmm.. Finally, Clinique has a product called Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. That really helps de-shine through sweat and humidity. So try either out. I believe that both products are under $20 each and you only need a little amount so it should be a deal! Let me know what you think.

Being on a budget, I did a little lurking at my local CVS and found Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer for 12$. Another brand had a version too and was about the same price, but was loaded with unnecessary packaging so I went with the Revlon.

12$, one long walk in the downtown humidity, a 3 hour nap, and a hot date with my hubby, and at the end of the day, the Revlon primer proved perfect leaving my make up smooth, silky and still on!