29 October 2006

i've been BOO'd

I've been boo'd. Welcome to the suburbs. Bill and I are in our new house in the suburbs (don't tell anyone i really like it and am thinking of selling the house in town).

anyway, the other night the doorbell rang and when we went to get it, there was a package at the door. People are so nice here. Where i come from, if you did a ding-dong-ditch, and left something at the door--it was a bag of poo on fire. Well, apparently in the suburbs they do this cutesy thing where you leave a goodie bag on the porch and you are supposed to do the same for 2 more neighbors on the block. All secretly and all little prizes at the door.

Bill had been BOO'd before in other neighborhoods--and sure enough, i've seen the little "I've been BOO'd signs out and about on people's doors--in my neighborhood and others around Cedar Park.

And to think, in tarrytown, where I grew up, we just ding-dong-ditched. As they say in real estate location, location, location.