10 November 2005

craigslist "best of" are updated finally


03 November 2005

the truth- not posted in my match.com profile!

all the good things are true...they really are. but here are the bad things:
my toothpaste tube is a mess.
i tend to leave clothes on the floor where i take them off...this might be in any room of the house.
i dont cook
i dont make the bed every day...some days but not every day
i do like a clean house but would rather someone else keep it that way for me.
i am sensitive. not overly but I certainly FEEL a lot.
i can be a little depressed at times....I've come to grips with it and know exactly how to deal and get through...I am comfortable with my self most of the time...but can get in a grey funk, too.
i tend to cuss a little more than i like
i fear rejection
sometimes, i let my dogs sleep in the bed with me....whatever...MOST of the time. :P
i check my email way too much.
i have expensive taste and often buy something here or there impulsively....with few regrets though.
i can't stay out that late....and start to yawn at 9:13 on the dot almost every night.
did I mention my big crazy family? I expect you to hang out with them at least 3 times a month and pretend you love them too.
I saw this photo in the Red Envelope catalog and actually had an emotional reaction to it....i might even dare to say LOVE.

Yes, I know...i'm not this neat and someone who is might go nuts with me...but i still find this man....who ever he is EXTREMELY sexy.

oh wait...that is just good advertising....the man who lives like that <-------is gay. I'm still in love.

I raise my voice sometimes when I'm REALLY upset....slightly upset, not so much...but REALLY upset...

Did I mention all the good things on my profile really are true? They are...and the bad isn't even Seinfeld worthy...but I'm human and have my quirks. Can you love them like I do?

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....don't ya just love an afternoon nap? me too. going to go take one now. things i want to talk about...
amendment 2 to the Texas constitution (NO WAY)...
online dating
hell dating in general..
david kelley..boston legal...
coming and going of friendships....
but for now the nap