19 May 2007

....through the air with the greatest of ease

i took flying lessons this morning. this was one of the all-time best experiences i've had. four years instructing on high ropes courses had nothing on this. maybe it is because i'm older now, my body doesn't feel as athletic, or this simply takes more effort....but i can't wait to do this again (...already trying to figure out how I can go again before they leave town)...

more pics....

03 May 2007

Hill Country Ride for AIDS.....I made it!

We did it!~ Thanks for your help~!

I know there were some nay-sayers, but, YES, against all odds, I finished all 50 miles of the 2007 Hill Country Ride for Aids....and even better...my heart was changed and touched in a significant way last Saturday.

Factors that put the odds in favor of my failure:

  • Previous bike injuries and accidents: 2 with one resulting in 900 stitches in the face and a broken jaw.

  • My bike is NOT a road bike, but is a mountain bike.

  • Said bike was unloaded from the truck and actually had cobwebs on the spokes.

  • Said bike was unloaded from the truck and once pushed a few feet, made a terrible squealing sound.

  • After taking bike to "tune-up station" --it was determined that both the extreme high end and low end of my gears were not functioning and could not be repaired.

NONE of this deterred me, nor discouraged me. I was there to have fun, raise money and ride, baby! RIDE!

Thanks so much for your financial support of the ride, and for your encouragement. Below are a few of the things I learned on my ride:

  • Wildflowers are so much prettier up close. Whizzing by in a car you miss so much. Looking just a few feet ahead and focusing on the beauty close by makes challenging hills much more do-able. Just like life, goals are good, but don't loose sight of the power of the small steps in between.

  • Bill and I rode the whole way--together. When doing something challenging, it is good to have support and encouragement. He is a much stronger rider, but staying with me was more fun for both of us. I never felt alone, and I always felt encouraged.

  • 2 specific times, half way up challenging hills, an unknown voice spoke out "YOU CAN DO IT" at just the moment I might have given up. I'm not sure who that woman was, but her words kept me on the bike. Don't be afraid to let others help you....even strangers.

  • It is GOOD to push your body and mind beyond, way beyond, their comfort zones. We all really are stronger than we think. So much of our weakness is really only in the mind.

  • Lastly, it was good to be outside myself and to be a part of such a loving and supportive community. There is no judgment, only LOVE, as David Smith, the director of the ride says, "Loved, exactly for who you are."

Thanks again for helping me raise funds.

So far, the ride has raised $529k with a goal of $500k! All of the funds going to 9 different Aids organizations here in the Austin area.

I can't wait to do it again next year..... :)