27 July 2008

I am a sucker for Hankers

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26 July 2008

Angels at angels

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12 July 2008

Barton springs on a saturday afternoon.

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10 July 2008

Mike flanigin & his B3 trio at continental club. Austin, Tx.

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09 July 2008

the story behind squirrel bites

Looking over my Google Analytics report, I have found that a number of visitors to this blog have come from searches on Google for " squirrel bites."

Of course it is beacuse of this old post: http://allisoncrow.blogspot.com/2006/03/squirrel-bites.html

At my Austin house, I often had intermittent TV and Internet service. After a few visits from time warner cable the cause of my problem was communicated by a service technician wearing double denim, a hard hat and a tool belt -- mouth full of CHAW:

Tech: "Ma'am. I thank I know yer problem. I been all up and down that there pole and the problem is. . . .you got squirrel bites."

Me: "I'm sorry, did you say squirrel bites?"

Tech: "Yep. Ya got squirrel bites." Long pause.

End of story. Enough said. Have you ever been diagnosed with squirrel bites? I still think that is hilarious.

Note: I have not actually been bitten by a squirrel. They are like rats in my book. My cable wires were apparently gnawed on by the little varmints and that can lead to intermittent Internet connection. Beware: Squirrel bites can be a detriment to technology.

08 July 2008

my list for the day

  1. Blythe. Laughter and a smile can often communicate more than words. Funny, my business coach often points out that most of the messages we send to others in communicating is actually given in emotion and body language. Ok back to list.
  2. The re-enchantment of every day life (thomas moore)
  3. New car smell in an Suv body
  4. my sisters
  5. ABC's the bachelorette season finale and I'm not ashamed to admit it.