31 July 2009

blackberry iphone wars begin

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Pluckers Trivia Night

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25 July 2009

01 July 2009

July 1st List of the Day

It has been a while on the blog...yet not in my heart on a regular basis. What are YOU grateful for? To me gratitude is a reminder of the abundance in our lives. You want more abundance and good things, don't you? Then naturally, when we focus on what we are grateful for....we get more of it.
  1. One crazy decision made deep in the heart and exercised in faith can bring new life.
  2. Every financial need has been met above and beyond.
  3. Creating art is back in my life after waiting patiently for years while I was busy striving.
  4. My sisters, Meredith and Courtney
  5. Friendship with Malia and Nikki who both let me be me in all states and love me well.
  6. Monday night girl time with my daughter, Samantha--who is getting so tall and so svelte. Manthie, I really love our time laughing and smiling and being girly.
  7. Soft chalk pastels and colored pencils.
  8. All the little problems of life ALWAYS find their way out of the unseemingly endless knots and in the end...it is ALWAYS good.
  9. Every single day, Billy makes me laugh.
  10. When dogs cuddle head first instead of butt first.
Life is good.

Photo by srboisvert under creative commons license.