28 October 2009

I'm one of THOSE people

Yep, I'm one of THOSE people: That woman that thinks her dogs are her kids. Well my dogs are part of my family. They are my pals and most faithful friends. All 3 of our pups live well in our house and fit in our lives...they are on our sofa's and our beds, go with us on rides, eat special food (when I'm the one shopping)....get walks (almost)daily.

I can'
t imagine not having dogs...THESE dogs in my life.
Hank is my autistic pup....one of 2 litters combined 17 dogs. He's rough and tough with other dogs, yet fears cats, beetles and remote controls. He has is AKC canine good citizen certificate and he has completed beginner, intermediate and advanced agility. His favorite is the tunnel...and he gets jealous if any other dogs are in HIS tunnel. Today...Hank is at the vet....having a little mass removed from his underside...and some of those floppy moles taken off. I want Hank to live forever.

Daisy Mae.... She was Billy's dog when we met. And as we were falling in love in 06...Daisy would ride with him to my house. Getting her in the car is never easy, but when he would say, "let's go to Allison's" up she'd jump. It wasn't easy for her to adjust to these new crazy pals, Hank and lulu...but she did. Daisy is the sweetest dog I've ever met. I swear she is related to my dog Chula that passed away in 01. I love that her tail actually wags. She can't cuddle very well, she just can't sit still...but she's a lover and everyone who meets her loves her. Even my non dog-person sister likes Daisy best. But don't tell her mutts that. Daisy is getting old...12 and her heart is enlarged. She's on meds that make her bad breath even worse. We're watching her little self...and praying for heath and longevity for our girl. I love her completely.

Lu-Lu...the Alpha dog...the boss of me and everyone else in the house. She is a big dog in a little dog body. By far the best cuddler of the bunch. Playful, bossy, demanding and while she never barks...she is certainly outspoken with her mannerisms. She lets me know when she needs attention with a hand/paw swipe or more kisses than I ever needed. I KNOW she will live forever....My favorite memory of her is when she was a puppy, she used to sleep with her tongue out all the time. She is allergic to bee stings...yet loves to eat bee's. It is funny to see her face all bumpy and swollen...and bendaryl is now stocked in large quantities at our house. Lulu reminds me of me. Such a boss sometimes...but also soft and loving.
Yep...I'm one of those dog people. Still have the dream of the dog farm...and it looks like my niece Fiona is following after me. :)

09 October 2009

This is EXACTLY what I feel today!

and what I choose to feel EVERY day!