05 May 2010

I wanna be like Lee Mannix

Shit.... Lee Mannix..did you really have to die this week? I keep seeing your smile...and hearing the straight talk things you've said to me, and to hundreds of other folks.  I read the posts of your friends and clients and I realized another of the many reasons you are so loved.
I have dog stories...you have worked with all three of my mutts...and they are no different from the thousands posted here on the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior fan page. No need to write about them... Talking to Kimberly Burgan, whom we both loved...who you LOVED SO WELL......it hit me as to EXACTLY what it is that endeared you to us all. 
You chose to be fully yourself....your unfiltered, smart ass, funny as hell, sly, prankster, laughing, crass,  boot-wearing-beer-drinking-copenhagen-dippin, smiling & magic with us all, self.  We love you so much...because you were able to do what the rest of us struggle with. You chose to live life exactly as you were....for the authenticity of it...and not the popularity.  Yet...you gained popularity and even more.  You earned massive love and respect...and a heart in the homes of thousands of dog- loving families. We love you so much, for not just what you did...but for who you were...because in our own little way..we long to be as brave as you were...and live this life TRULY being ourselves... exactly the way you did. 

I choose today, to be more of my true self...to be brave and live fully me...because you inspired me to do that. And...I will do it in my cowgirl boots more often! 

Allison....and Hank (the dope)...and Daisy (the freak)...and Lulu (the little bitch)
I'll be at your party tomorrow...and I will wear my boots...and celebrate your fine ass and your magic spirit!