26 August 2007

school nights smell

tomorrow is the first day of school. summer break is over and bill and the kids have to go back now. i really have no change in my routine, except that won't be the only one up early in the morning for the next 9 months.

i love school nights. there is something about the early shut down, the end of day organization and prep for tomorrow...reminds me of something in my childhood. after a bath that would wash away the excitement of a small girls day, i would pajama-up and then meet mom in the kitchen. she had a towel laid out on the counter and another to couch my head and neck. then she would wash my hair gently in the kitchen sink. of course the shampoo was followed by a "set." there in front of her tv, while we watched some show, she would dipdy-do and pin curl my long, long, blonde hair.
i can smell the clean. i can smell the evening time. i can see the green gel and feel the soft touch of my mothers hands in my hair....and somewhere else in the room, 3 other clean and pajamaed siblings.
as an adult, with so much to do, think about, & with all the media bombardment and over-stimulation, i'm thankful for a little moment that brings me back to the smell of school nights.

25 August 2007

argh- today is one of those days I miss the boat. 95 degrees and sunny...screaming for a day on the lake with a cooler of cold beer and good friends. I sold it to a family from Houston in May. they say that is the best day of a boat owners life. No kidding...I cried like a baby when they drove off with it. Was the right thing to do for the time being...and someday, I will have another boat- pay cash for it...and the time to use it.

21 August 2007

drink the kool aid

i am proud to say i work for keller williams. i found this blog today and had to chuckle..... read it and then come back here.
mega camp is this week here in austin.

it is amazing how these conferences can re-motivate, inspire and educate me. best part is... i get to take it back to my agents and support them. i now coach agents on real estate systems and even more important-- mental mindset. i see it every week: the power of a positive mental attitude. as you think, so shall you be they say. somehow this law of attraction is true. just ask jem if money comes in the mail? in fact -ask len and eillene if money comes in the mail (their insurance company wrote and said, we've been over charging you. we are sorry and oh by the way....here is 30k.
i appreciate that i work for a company, and with people, that care about peoples lives and spirits, about their families, and their businesses.
i appreciate that i work for a company that shares its profits with me- money comes to my mail box every month and i didn't earn it..and the same is available for anyone who works with kw. want to know more... come to http://www.allisoncrow.net/KW%20Careers

pass the kool aid, please

17 August 2007

dog love to the extreme?

read this article in my "self" mag last night and could completely relate. sometimes it feels almost silly how much i love these silly dogs. bill has been walking hank almost daily this summer because he feels sorry for him. good for the dog, even better for bill. it has made me melt for him even more.

hank is such an amazing dog and complete punk at the same time. beautiful, soft, aloof, cuddly but only with his butt and not his face. hank is an agility dog, believe it or not...yes jumps, ramps, tubes, chutes...he's the king. he got there by being the aforementioned PUNK. after the big D and I don't mean dallas, "henry pink ears" suddenly became dog aggressive. 7 series of various training and agility classes, 2 home visits and one AKG canine citizen award later...hank is almost completely obedient and in most instances pretty decent with other dogs when properly introduced. just don't bring your pooches to our fence line where hank feels the completely uncontrollable urge to show how tough he is (HA)

did i mention he is afraid of the romote control? and cats.

next up....a little about lulu and daisy mae