30 April 2009

The KING of my house

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28 April 2009

List for a rainy day

1. Plans made for inside when it is raining ouside.
2. A day off when it is sunny and warm outside.
3. Macaroni and Cheese any day rain or shine.
4. A hot bath after a long day.
5. Clean crisp cotton sheets.
6. Friends from across the nation gathered to share great mindset and strategies for success.
7. Considering future self and getting to know her a little more every day.
8. My crackberry.
9. Freedom.
10. Knowing you made someone smile.

What is on your gratitude list today?
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photo by  St_A_Sh 

26 April 2009

21 April 2009

Be a SMILE & MOVE kind of person!

Oh, I am SO in on this!

16 April 2009

Drawing my affirmations this week!

Why you ask? Because it simply is more fun. More emotional and more creative. And because it takes more time and thought. The more time and thought we put in to what we D0 want, the better! I AM, I ALLOW, I HAVE and I hope you do too!

Rock your day, have fun in whatever you do and share that energy with every soul you contact today!
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15 April 2009

14 things i love about living in the suburbs

  1. a bathtub big enough for two and a separate shower. 
  2. a kitchen that holds EVERYTHING, is big enough for a center island, and is open to the family room. 
  3. a garage- this is my first time living with a garage and the first 3 months we lived here i always forgot to close it. my car is covered and always warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  4. the front sitting porch and the back hanging out porch.
  5. our neighbors, (who called me whenever i left it open and asked if she should shut it for me). 
  6. room for kids, kid friendly rooms, and kid friendly neighbors. 
  7. planting trees and watching them grow year after year..
  8. the wedding hot tub 
  9. our neighbors--who gather most evenings for a visit on the curb while the kids run amok up and down the street. 
  10. it was a completely blank slate when we moved in and i love to paint.
  11. our neighbors and the neighborhood pool in the summers.  some days it is just us.
  12. more house for less money, much more house and much less money. 
  13. did i mention our neighbors and BOD (beer of the day).
  14. bill and i started our life together here with the kids. 

13 things I miss about living in a central Austin Bungalow

as compared to the next post 14 things i love about living in the suburbs
  1. the origional hardwood floors-  next to the real wood baseboards and the sound of a time before I was born that whispers when you walk. 
  2. a long wide front porch overlooking a lush green lawn and yes, even the cars going by...a sitting spot for friends....wine with my girlfriends on that porch. 
  3. screen doors.
  4. wood windows all up in the spring and the layout of those open windows bringing a perfect breeze through the entire house. 
  5. having a WHOLE bedroom as a closet. 
  6. colorful flower gardens to piddle in after work and on saturday morning and the 3 rose bushes on the south side that bloom all year long. 
  7. the 11$ cab ride from down town. 
  8. sunlight in the family room with it's floor to ceiling walls.  the best spot for hanging out and my home office. 
  9. the soft zen zoysia grass in the back yard surrounded by a perimiter of iris'.
  10. being exactly 7 minutes from anything, everything, and everyone. 
  11. color parties: The Fabulous Pink Party, The Blue Shasta, The Solid Gold Party, and countless dinner parties on the back deck. 
  12. the doggy door.
  13. falling in love with billy there in the spring of 06.


10 April 2009

did you make a list today? here is mine

  1. "I'm loving you on purpose today." Quote of the week from my fabulous and supportive husband.
  2. Keeping the marriage a priority helps solve many of the problems that come up in life, and if problems do come up, keeping the marriage first makes handing the problems so much easier.  Thanks for the great chat baseball moms! 
  3. I have 3 dogs. 2 of them are stalkers.  
  4. The best place to allow sadness to wash over you is in the shower.  Get the release out, let it wash down the drain, and step out a new person. 
  5. Blogging- love this little outlet. 
  6. Ziz Ziglar and Brian Tracy's writings that help me every day of my life. 
  7. My friends and family have way donated for the Hill Country Ride for Aids 09---thanks everyone for your support! 
  8. My vacuum cleaner rocks----and sucks up my 3 stalker dog's hair!
  9. Clean white sheets on the bed. 
  10. Choices, Freedom and Dreams.  
  11. The ressurection. 

These little lists really aren't for you except that maybe you will make a list of your own. A list of blessings, of smiles in your day, of things you are grateful for.  Focus on the good and be grateful. 

Happy Easter and may new life and grace bless you this week.  

07 April 2009

it is just what I do.....explained for today.

There is a question I have asked many clients: “If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do?”

The answer is scary and fabulous all at the same time for many of us.  Our thoughts and beliefs and “everydays” are made up of so many pieces.  So many voices and influences, it is often hard to listen to the quiet dreams of our hearts.  I know the quiet dreams of my heart, as I am always engaging them and nurturing them. 

It takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. (210)

Recently, a moment of past pent up hurt flashed that dream as a better alternative than what that present moment was offering me.  In a sensitive moment of feeling completely misunderstood (one of trigger spots I’m working on healing), my reaction was to remove myself from the pain and move toward the pleasure of the dream instantly and without regard for a community I not only belong to but actually, love.  Even if the end choice is good, we still have to remember that there is a path to that choice…..and spur of the moment choices can be dangerous for the surrounding hearts.  Personal and professional collateral damage. 

Question: Is it selfish to --AT TIMES--protect my own heart and values from the damage? I think not.  A team is only as strong as the weakest link, they say, I’ve come to believe that being my BEST self helps not only me personally, also all those I come in contact with and those whom I am in relationship with.  I spent up to about age 24 NOT taking care of my body, my mind, my heart, my spirit.  That certainly didn’t work.  Is it really possible to put others first and protect yourself?  Aren’t adults capable of taking care of themselves? When does looking out for everyone else steal from one’s own soul?   

 It is about being true to self. It is about not tolerating a cancer in an otherwise healthy body of this being. Even more than that, it really is about being free to be ALL that I’m am capable and destined to be. It is about expanding my wings and soaring. As a master soul coach, Nigel, spoke with me in February--it is about what is in my heart.  

In my heart, I help millions find a deep love for themselves –exactly for who they are—and I help them use that love to become all that they were meant to be for blessing their businesses, for blessing their families, for realizing their dreams, for honoring their spirits—and maybe—for the blessing the world. 

It’s just what I do.

Oh and, It’s not about the money. 

AMAZING photo called"It takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has. (210)" by whatmegsaid under a Creative Commons License.