14 May 2008

the kiss

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11 May 2008

honeymoon list

  1. Malia Jack Andy Mark Maggie, Baby Al, Todd and Bill
  2. Reading Marley and Me (bawled like a baby cuz I love my pups and Hank is getting old), Point Blank, Scorpia (cheesey junior high but I ran out of reading material), Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life (junior high but SO NOT cheesy...a must read even for adults), and 4 US magazines
  3. CoolerBag was a beach life saver
  4. Napping to the point of burn on the beach beds at la zebra
  5. The first sugar cane mojito
  6. Sea Kayaking -laughing so hard my abs are probably stronger despite the massive amounts of la zebra nachos I had
  7. bill taking care of me while snorkeling
  8. cool breezes at night
  9. snuggling in the morning, and during afternoon naps
  10. the bestest honeymoon ever with bill and our closest friends

wedding list

  1. Waking up at Malia's to the Lezzo Cup ready for my coffee
  2. Samantha and how pretty she looked
  3. the perfect weather under the tree at town lake park
  4. Bill, confidently and loudly, saying his vows, so that everyone could hear Spoken to me and to the world, sure of his love and commitment
  5. how I felt in my sassy dress
  6. my family, his family, all there. 10 kids, flanigin and crow and their families.
  7. Will, mouthing "I love you" to his father as the ceremony ended
  8. Andy sharing his home with us and our families for the perfect reception
  9. my honey, loving me the way he does

on the beach

just a taste of tulum on the honeymoon with friends. all the REST are HERE:

Honeymoon in Tulum 08
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04 May 2008

our lives are made of these small moments

our day was perfect.
every last minute of it.
vows from the heart,
spoken with faith in today, and in what lies ahead
heard by the world.
heavenly weather
a circle of friends and family
and each other.

our lives are made of these small moments.....
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