18 September 2009


yes....i mean, no....i mean I have SO not been writing much. I've been doing a lot of doing....and little being. and that is ok...it is what has to happen for now to catch up by the end of the year! doesn't scripture say there is a time and place for everything under the sun? AMEN. yet...above all, i'm grateful and complete. i'm completely grateful. and so here is the recent list:

  1. Courtney Crow Wyrtzen who is my heart, my sister, my hero...and I swear the BEST mother in the world. She is so completely human...and entirely beautiful and creative and always growing. Oh, and she is 10x the writer that I am....you can follow her heart here http://onerow.wordpress.com/
  2. my dang hubby who drives me nutso sometimes...and i do MORE than drive him bonkers...and yet, it seems that marriage is to heal that...to deal with that...and to love completely anyway. Love is a choice....and the cuddling is just the cherry on top! Thanks Billy!
  3. real estate....coaching....the work and career of my dreams. The ONLY thing it hasn't provided me with yet is a stylist and free clothes.
  4. girlfriends....my girlfriends hold me up each and everyday. laughter, tears, ideas, joy, thought, love, venting, drinking, talking, being, giving, receiving....
  5. those dang mutts of mine. faithful love and friendship. nuf said.
  6. comfort food- mac and cheese, pasta of any sort, cheese of any sort...coffee...and diet coke.
  7. the gym....to work off all the comfort food and get my body back in shape....