05 November 2010

Crow Hill Conversations

This Crow's Caw was started in November of 2005.  5 years of squawking my thoughts and someone a few people out there have subscribed. I know...most of you are family and friends...and I am so thankful for your love!

Crow's Caw isn't going away, AND I do want to let you know about my newest adventure.  I am still coaching full time with MAPS...AND I have launched a small creative professional business.  Crow Hill Conversations (Graphic Recording and Facilitation) was born in my spirit and has come to fruition over the last 11 months.  It is both a professional service and a personal expression...and so my blogging will be mostly there for now. 
I'd love to invite you to subscribe to 2 things over at Crow Hill Conversations:  The blog feed either in a reader or via email delivery and ....

the JUST BE Newsletter.  This newsletter...or E-Zine (electronic magazine) will come out only once a month and have articles about living a BEING first life...a life of heart first...then the head and hand. 

It will promote, creativity, relationship, possibility, energy, spirit, balance, and frankly, the CONVERSATIONS that bring meaning to my life...and hopefully yours.  Here is the link to join the list...and look for the first newsletter to come out in December of 2010!~

What conversations bring meaning to your life? Email me...or post over at Crow Hill...let me know. I'd like to connect to you.  Who knows...maybe your conversation and a visual recording of it may just end up on the site! 

Love and many thanks.....

My heart lives in Central Austin