24 February 2006

crow's have always been cool

flan told his kids i was cheryl's sister. my brother is cameron crow. we are just cool people. my dad is cool, my mom is cool, my sisters are cool and my brother's are cool. my new sister ioulia crow is uber cool and my brothers joel and pete are cool too.

i was famous LONG before cheryl. my cool crow shirt is orange.

22 February 2006

the goods....

my house is level cracks closed up and doos open and shut
landscape plan in in and i should be mud free in a few weeks
the new dude has me... he makes me laugh and smile... simply put- i like the guy
it is possible that the bowman avenue era may be coming to an end--exciting and am formulating post in my mind should this come to fruition
biz is rolling along....i like what i do. so nice to be able to say that.
going to the gym now to perk up my booty
did i mention the new dude? yummy