15 June 2008

Ice Cream Flavor of the Week

Already this year, Austin has seen a few days of summer heat over 100 degrees. This equals Ice cream season. We have 4 different flavors in the freezer right now....and I just can't seem to try anything other than the Blue Bell Key Lime Pie.

From Bluebell.com: Key Lime Pie Contains sweet and tangy key lime ice cream blended with crunchy graham cracker crust and a creamy whipped topping swirl.

yummy heaven

Flanigin Family

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Crow Kids

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Crow Family

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10 June 2008

mostly work lately, thank goodness I love it :)

In my not personal life I tend to post more frequently :) Lots of passion about work lately. I think the vacation/honeymoon helped reset and refresh. Vacations are GOOD. Take one!

Here is my list today:
  1. backyard coming along....dream checked off list by end of next week!
  2. my new little marc jacobs daisy ring
  3. the neighbors on hickory run
  4. walking with bill and the dogs
  5. 80's music on xm radio
  6. "The Dream Manager" by Matthew Kelly
  7. books by Jeffrey Gitomer on sales
  8. the neighborhood pool, especially when no one else is there
  9. weekends
  10. night repair by estee lauder