15 December 2010

Turned my day around....

05 November 2010

Crow Hill Conversations

This Crow's Caw was started in November of 2005.  5 years of squawking my thoughts and someone a few people out there have subscribed. I know...most of you are family and friends...and I am so thankful for your love!

Crow's Caw isn't going away, AND I do want to let you know about my newest adventure.  I am still coaching full time with MAPS...AND I have launched a small creative professional business.  Crow Hill Conversations (Graphic Recording and Facilitation) was born in my spirit and has come to fruition over the last 11 months.  It is both a professional service and a personal expression...and so my blogging will be mostly there for now. 
I'd love to invite you to subscribe to 2 things over at Crow Hill Conversations:  The blog feed either in a reader or via email delivery and ....

the JUST BE Newsletter.  This newsletter...or E-Zine (electronic magazine) will come out only once a month and have articles about living a BEING first life...a life of heart first...then the head and hand. 

It will promote, creativity, relationship, possibility, energy, spirit, balance, and frankly, the CONVERSATIONS that bring meaning to my life...and hopefully yours.  Here is the link to join the list...and look for the first newsletter to come out in December of 2010!~

What conversations bring meaning to your life? Email me...or post over at Crow Hill...let me know. I'd like to connect to you.  Who knows...maybe your conversation and a visual recording of it may just end up on the site! 

Love and many thanks.....

My heart lives in Central Austin

15 October 2010

just sayin'.....

...infinite.....INFINITE love and gratitude........

10 August 2010

doodling out of a bit of a funk

Eckhart Tolle....
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10 June 2010


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silly little logo...simple.....but for the visual language side of what i do.

09 June 2010

my 2nd Chakra Dream Chart

Well, here it is. At home, in my art space....my first inspired wall chart. This is a personal chart inspired on Monday morning by reading this from The Chopra Center April Newsletter. 

Below are a few notes about the chart and then a few notes about what I learned about technique as I completed the work. 

Dare to dream has always been a personal mantra of mine so the core word DREAM really popped out when I read the newspaper.  As I saw each of the subtitles. DIGEST, REST, EXERCISE, AWAKEN and MEDITATE...I KNEW I had to draw what flashed before my mind. 

I centered it around an image of the 2nd chakra:
The Sanskrit name for the 2nd chakra is "Svadhisthana." This word means "dwelling place of the Self."
I am generally open here and resonate with the image and the concept. The emotion associated with the 2nd chakra is passion & the element for the 2nd chakra is water.  Yep...that pretty much sums me up. 

I found the E for exercise the most difficult section because for now it feels lost in my life.  I have every intention to re-root myself here and thus chose the brown colors for grounding.  STRETCH  &  BREATHE are my starting points in the journey. 

Regarding Technique:  
  • I will always remember my early work for the dimples caused by the uneven wall I am working on right now (gotta get to home depot and buy and 8x4 foam core board). 
  • I can also tell that some markers I like better than others (they tend to be the ones that bleed through and have 2 edges instead of 3).  I will practice my lettering to become more consistent with the density of my lines and letters.
  •  For getting low, and staying in my body, I sat on a exercise ball.  I did find that this let me get low, stay with my core and body to the area where I was working and it allowed for a natural movement better than me shuffling across the floor.  
  •  My floor- HA!...the poor beige carpet.  I've dropped a few markers, and the chalk dust is everywhere.  Sorry honey, I guess I'll get a little mini vac for my 4th beroom-turned-art-coaching-studio.  
In all...I'm in heaven.  When I started this Monday, I hooked up a USTREAM session (there are a few boring videos of the process..bad sound and apparently I couldn't be bothered to dress up or make up my face for the camera).   Today even, on a group call I used the wall and did some graphic facilitation of our topic via the web with large chart paper on the wall.  That is a whole new area...actually using this live with my clients...and the feedback from them was great.  They loved the visual tools...and so did I.  

01 June 2010

my heaven these days

I've been doodling so much lately, I haven't been writing.  I've been reading and thinking so much, I haven't been writing.  Have you ever had a rebirth or rediscovery of a gift in you...that at one time you thought was lost? Last year during a turbulent time I picked up my markers again.  And so it began...again. Now i find my self holding 4-5 markes or pens in my hands at all time. I've got pads of paper in all sizes EVERYWhere. 
I'm inspired to go through old things and pull out this history of the visual thinker in me....and watch the rest of the story unfold.  The coolest part is, I know there is a Future...with a capital F in this story. 

I've had all these crazy cool teachers show up in my life....
i just met Bryon Katie last week!
MAPS BOLD program has supported me financially and emotionally over the last year. 
Lee Mannix taught me so much in his death and I find myself beginning to really become a bit more comfortable with who I am.  I'm shedding some layers and getting comfortable in the layers that are really me. 
Courtney Crow Wyrtzen teaches me all the time....and did especially in this editorial about moms.  
Dr. Wayne W. Dwyer (listening to the power of intention on itunes)
Oh...and all the beloved books by my bedside....(thanks nikki for sharing the Renard book).

At this moment....I'm in heaven in my life....and I'm thankful.

05 May 2010

I wanna be like Lee Mannix

Shit.... Lee Mannix..did you really have to die this week? I keep seeing your smile...and hearing the straight talk things you've said to me, and to hundreds of other folks.  I read the posts of your friends and clients and I realized another of the many reasons you are so loved.
I have dog stories...you have worked with all three of my mutts...and they are no different from the thousands posted here on the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behavior fan page. No need to write about them... Talking to Kimberly Burgan, whom we both loved...who you LOVED SO WELL......it hit me as to EXACTLY what it is that endeared you to us all. 
You chose to be fully yourself....your unfiltered, smart ass, funny as hell, sly, prankster, laughing, crass,  boot-wearing-beer-drinking-copenhagen-dippin, smiling & magic with us all, self.  We love you so much...because you were able to do what the rest of us struggle with. You chose to live life exactly as you were....for the authenticity of it...and not the popularity.  Yet...you gained popularity and even more.  You earned massive love and respect...and a heart in the homes of thousands of dog- loving families. We love you so much, for not just what you did...but for who you were...because in our own little way..we long to be as brave as you were...and live this life TRULY being ourselves... exactly the way you did. 

I choose today, to be more of my true self...to be brave and live fully me...because you inspired me to do that. And...I will do it in my cowgirl boots more often! 

Allison....and Hank (the dope)...and Daisy (the freak)...and Lulu (the little bitch)
I'll be at your party tomorrow...and I will wear my boots...and celebrate your fine ass and your magic spirit!

16 April 2010

03 April 2010

hank likes a small bed

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12 February 2010

where to order the best mac n cheese in Austin

Ok....I simply love macaroni and cheese.  If it is on the menu, I order it.  So far, in Austin, this is my vote for the all time best restaurant served mac-n-cheese. 

thoughts about relationships and love as Valentine's approaches

Love Every Day

My husband is going NUTS....he called himself BOB???

the best part was when he denied it...i had PROOF!

08 February 2010

I'm all about valentines day

In honor of Valentine's day, love, hearts, all things pink, red and passionate....

maybe it is because my brithday is in February...or because my mom always showered us with hearts and socks and love.....but I love valentines day...and this mix of love songs from Moulin Rouge.

22 January 2010

nothing a little of this can't cure

so I have an issue with this thing called death. way to scary and yuk for me to get in to here. and I know that Death is a part of life...and i'm just not ok with that today. this helps me refocus and find peace when my heart goes in to an extremely anxious place:

19 January 2010

Holy Accountablitliy & The numbers don't lie

AllisonCrow's Profile | LIVESTRONG.COM

The past week...I've been reaching the surface of drowning in mediocre and health homeostasis. For 3 days, I've chosen to be extremely conscious of my food intake and have also been tracking my "usual activity" to see what my baseline norm was. The numbers tell the truth.

I coach REALTORS and other Coaches who work with REALTORS and one of the first things I expect is that my clients and their clients TRACK the numbers of thier businesses. Why? Because the numbers tell the truth about where the business really is. They show the gap between the goal and the current state.

I've been pretty good about tracking business numbers and am getting better about tracking personal finance numbers (thanks to my husband who so kindly coaches me in his own way on this). I've never really counted calories or been on a diet. I've always been skinny and could generally eat what ever I wanted to. Then age came. I always knew someday this metabolism would change and my habits would have a hard time keeping up. Long story short...that time has come and gone and brought 10 pounds that could easily turn to 20 if I don't kick it to the curb.

Left to my own devices over the last year...I've begun working out and allowed homeostasis to creep in time and time again. ARGH....so today I chose to step up a notch to unnatural activities and by searching Wendy's Chilli...found the Livestrong.com page!

As a coach...I'm thoroughly impressed with Livestrong.coms site and tools! easy steps, small steps and all the info is there. I can't trick it's database of things I could POSSIBLY ingest in to NOT having what Isearch for. (Hows that for bassackward speak) Basically EVERYTHING I could possibly search for in terms of food, drink...heck even my cleanse and detox pills were in that database). And so off I go. Already downloaded the Blackberry App and logged in for fast tracking...and I'm actually excited to watch my progress, to know the numbers of my BODY...and to look hot on the top of the Buckelew Boat this February in Ft. Lauderdale....in my bikini.

Did I mention that it also fully integrates with all my social media to make it FUN! The only thing that would make it more fun...is to have a few friends who jump in and improve their health with me!

oh and I'm down 3 lbs in 3 days.

18 January 2010

Facebook murdered the writer in me

....but I am going to resurrect her. It is ridiculous how much time I waste on FB....but it isn't really the time. It is the creative energy that gets sucked out of me. I have these amazing thoughts worth writing down. I'm grateful for coaching sessions with my clients because it is a great outlet....yet...of course I don't give it credit unless pen has hit paper...or at least a san serif font has hit the blank screen.

so MORE writing to come...will be starting slow and small and most likely...insignificant...and yet..it is a start.

12 January 2010

11 January 2010

Somedays this just helps:

Wondering what it would look like in my heart...to be completely ok with who I am...to not be so hard on myself....to have my BODY feel serenity?

Sometimes I think it may take a drastic change...like to live in a monastery and wear broomskirts and beads and sculpt pottery and chant and walk in nature for days on end.

What if being ok with myself means that I crave the excitement of change...and I'm ok with that. Feel this obligation to discipline myself and be ok with boredom. Then my soul screams out there is no adventure in that life. What is it specifically about adventure that wakes me up so much?

Ok..enough Jack Handy for the day...get to go do work I love....(and for that...I'm grateful).