28 April 2008

Easy on the Eyes, Hell on the Thighs was TRUE this year

We did it! I finished all 50 miles of the 2008 Hill Country Ride for Aids on Saturday. This year it wasn't as easy as I remembered it....but, still just as moving and meaningful.

I had a few Keller Williams folks join me this year, and next year am hoping for more.

One of my favorite parts this year was the 2.5 mile ride of silence......
a time of reflection while riding to remember those with HIV or AIDS, to remember our supporters and those whom we ride to support.

Thank you all for supporting me in the ride this year!

18 April 2008

celebrating with a tripple dip delight at quality seafood

04 April 2008

slow down for 2 minutes and watch


4 weeks away

holy toledo. our wedding is 4 weeks away. :) i think it just hit me!