22 October 2008

List for the day

1. The ability to manage energy
2. My hubby who never forgets to send me loving thoughts
3. Cool weather and warm sweaters
4. My earning capacity
5. Affirmations
6. People who lift me up and care for me
7. My coach nikki buckelew
8. Health ability breath strength and life
9. White sheets on comfy beds
10. Process :)
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18 October 2008

Try a super walk today.

Bill and his brother Mike have been going on these "Superwalks." This , mind you, is not a fast paced walk
for exercising....it is an urban adventure stroll. A modern day walk a-la the boys from
Stand By Me
. A superwalk is usually 4-5 hours long and has no specific route.
Weekend, after weekend, these guys head out for another super walk. Last week I went on what Mike and Bill kindly called a "Super-Mini." Knowing I wasn't up for a 15 mile sprawl, they agreeded to do a shorter version so I could have a small taste of the fabulouslessness they have been sharing every weekend. I did enoy my mini super....I think the best part was simply seeing the world of central and urban austin go by step by step rather than theusual 15-37 mph.
I give the mini supers a thumbs up. just a mini though.
Today, the kids went on a mini PLUS with Bill and "uncle michell." Longer than a mini, and they have been talking about the fun all day long. Samantha says, "Everyone should try one, the're fun....but only if uncle mitchell goes. so there you have it.....try a super walk today.

11 October 2008

Fw: brothers flan pre mini super walk.

my list for the day

1. early morning dog walks in the neigborhood
2. running in to friends unexpectedly
3. a glass of wine with friends after a long week of work.
4. funny things 3 year olds say
5. checks to deposit on saturday mornings at wells fargo
6. a good night's sleep
7. health
8. new pair of kicks and how it can put a pep in my step
9. perfectly made beds
10. billy is HOT