01 August 2009

Samantha and Kirsten Pimp Cherrypickyouragnent.com

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I'm a sucker for marketing and PRETTY

I have fuzzy hair. Have always had fuzzy hair. Nick names as a child : MOP HEAD Due to the not curly -not straight mousy look of the mop of hair on a lanky girls head. Every time i sit in a new stylist's chair I get a big eyed look of "MY GOODNESS you have TONS of HAIR."
Yep I do. These days...it is taking a break from excessive coloring. (was blond for 34 years....been brunette for 3 and going back to blond earlier this year...really didn't work--at least from home). Most of the summer I have worn my hair back and then smoothed behind a headband. Texas is HUMID folks...and fuzzy hair and humid does not = CUTE.

I admit this budget while it has helped me in many ways, has really cause my looks to suffer. At least according to my standards. I miss the professional hair care...color and cut. I miss the professional facial care.... Ok..no griping. I just put it back on my goal sheet and it will be the first thing to comeback when my business begins booming this fall! In the mean time one of two things will happen....Stacy and Clinton from What not to Wear will show up with that 5K visa gift card.... or I might go 'halvsies' with my teenage daughter on an InStyler!!!

I've read the reviews and they are mixed. I want to see what this baby really does? Who knows...maybe you will get a video review.

Oh by the way...am using this line of new drugstore available products by LOREAL and so far, I think they do a good job. My hair is soft even after it dries and the products don't fade my hair color.

Confessions of a Desperate Housewife

I have just spent the last 52 minutes doing my weekly favorite house chore. Except today I am thoroughly disgusted by it. Carpet is simply FOUL. I mean EEEEWWWWW. And what is the useful life of a vacuum cleaner anyway. Yes I have 3 dogs. And a GOOD -at least I thought it was good Kenmore vacuum cleaner.
I loved you when I first bought you....but soon despite my emptying the container EVERY room and cleaning the filters each time I vacuum....you soon gave way to the YUCK that lives in my carpet. And, it isn't JUST DOG HAIR. I mean where did this ash like dust come from? (The photo is not mine...I thieved it off the web....just ad 3x the amount of short dog hair and you have the DOWNSTAIRS weekly accumulation of my vacuum cleaner. Oh and the spin of the canister molds it in to this egg shaped orb of dustydoghairmuck-- yum huh).

PAUSE: By now you are thinking we a dirty filthy folks. Ah, no- I married MR. Clean and Tidy... and our house is always spotless and clean. I simply think, under the carpet, is a foundation of dirt and ash. Our dogs are inside dogs and are bathed almost every few weeks.

I have decided that tile is disgusting too. Mostly because of the grout. No matter how clean the tile is..the grout gets nasty too. I do not want nasty floors. I have decided that hardwood floors through out the ENTIRE house...yes in the bathrooms are the ONLY way for me to go. Ah the once daily vacuum with the floor attachment to scoop up NORMAL DUST...warm sold floors that I can accessorize with a once-it-gets-nasty-chunk-it-and-get-a-new-one textile.