29 November 2008

Crow's Favorite Things...who needs Oprah

I hear Oprah did her favorite things show with "cost next to nothing ideas." I'm against this. I have "next to nothing" often in my every day life, and what I really want is the delicious dream of having all those over the top expensive sussies. So I've created own list with links :) here are a few of the things on my list you should allow yourself to indulge in....

  • I first found LUSH in 2001 whilst in London (that is why I used the word whilst). For years after that I ordered these from Canada because there were no LUSHES in America....now there are..but not in Austin yet.... maybe I will leave real estate and become a full time LUSH. Bathos is my favorite flavor...and the best part is, all you have to do is slice off a little bit for a big bit of bubbles!

  • A soft and long scarf for these Texas Winters. Here it just isn't cold enough for even a coat most days....but oh how I love a soft and cozy scarf to keep the chill off. Even better, a fun color or pattern can make me feel so CHIC with only a simple white t and jeans.

  • Ladies...try a LARGE set of dangly earrings. I just bought a cute pair at Dillard's...not to heavy but HUGE. I get SO many compliments I can't help but feel fabulous! And they make me feel just a bit more girly!
  • Dinner at your favorite indulgent restaurant. Sometimes it is just nice to have someone else do the cooking and cleaning. My reasonable Austin Favorite is Moonshine Grill down on Red River. You have to try the beer battered Asparagus and the Macaroni and Cheese.
...more to come

27 November 2008

thanksgiving day list

1. green bean casserole-my Mom's recipe with homemade rue and Tabasco
2. sister schuberts rolls
3. cameron's turkey---all time best and most moist ever
4. courtney's skin on mashed then baked potatoes ( i snuck about a bowlful while waiting for the turkey to arrive.
5. noah running around and telling everyone he loved them. 
6. watching "uncle bill" tell make up stories to the little kids
7. laughing with cameron, courtney and chandler at the old school photos loaded up on facebook
8. cuddling with manthie and looking at old yearbooks
9. my mom and dad and how loving and welcome they are every day of the year...not just the holiday's. 
10. long dog walks 

22 November 2008

list and other rambles

1. appointment with trainer...might still be lingering in bed if it weren't for the appointment.
2. that bill doesn't seem sick of my coughing...and rubs my back every time i hack.
3. coolio web time...twitter...productivity flourishing and other links posted at my coaching blogs www.coachescouch.blogspot.com
4. spontaneous morning visit from
cameron crow, my brother who was up this way. good visit.
5. looking forward to crow family thanksgiving on wednesday...our tradition. Mom actually delegated this year! Way to go mom!
6. Looking forward to flan family thanksgiving on thursday in lago vista. Nothing like a double shot of family and comfort food with days off from work. 
7. the afterparty- even if my attendance was somewhat scattered
8. hot baths
9. cozy sweaters

18 November 2008

Trash List

Have you ever actually thought about how truly good it is to have a garbage collector come on a regular basis. Today, this is #1 on my "list for the day" (gratitude list).

After a fantastic team meeting today and thanks to our sponsor bringing a great lunch....there was a bunch of trash. Since our office is "my home" for most of the day...I loaded up the 3 kitchen cans and the leftover trays and headed to the dumpster outside the office....Hands very full and wearing THESE SHOES. So....walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk....shift bags....walkwalkwalkwalk.....walk a little more and finally much to the relief of my blistered foot, I arrive at the dumpster....FULL...to overflowing. Hmmm....Trash is supposed to come on the weekends... I remember the dumpster in the now empty other building thinking it would be empty....
So i begin again, thinking --"it is a lovely day and I'm glad to be outside" and then ...walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk....shift bags....walkwalkwalkwalk.....walk a little more and then walk just a little bit more. Other dumpster full too. Fortunately this one had an empty box I was able to put my bags in.
On the way back to the office I was thinking...I really do need to walk during the day more often..just not in THESE SHOES....but for the fact that it is someones job to come a take all this junk we throw away...and if they didn't come...we'd be neck high by Wednesday.

one quick call to the landlord and the dumpsters were emptied within the hour :)
so my list for today:
1. garbage collection...and those who do it...I appreciate the work you do.
2. THESE SHOES- my feet may hurt just a tad....bud damn I look good!
3. Lunch today with Nikki Buckelew....who always opens my mind....who I relate so well to and who laughs at my crazy stories.
4. James, my new trainer/coach at Gold's Gym....who told me in fact that I was NOT skinny. (though to his credit he didn't call me fat either).
5. Dreams...and making a list with family members to find out what their dreams are.
6. Early morning rides to school with Samantha. Special time.
7. The way Will, my JR in high school, calls everything "cute" and that he was proudly wearing a Cox Elementary school hoodie yesterday so he could "give props to his elementary school.
8. The delight in every day.
9. BCW, my six year old niece laughing coyly(not meanly) at the death of her sister's hamster Joey.
10. Is 'meanly' a word?

16 November 2008

My new boyfriend...sorry bill

I'm not fat so I hired a Coach

I'm not fat so I hired a Coach
I am not fat. I have never been fat. I come from skinny people and I am a skinny person, tall too. I am the kind of girl that women hate because I am thin. We all know the saying, "looks can be deceiving...."

But I am NOT healthy. I am in a high stress, high demand, emotionally taxing position as a coach. I work even when I am not working. I eat at my desk barely chewing between bites of whatever is easy and fast. My office is far from my home and I spend much time sitting in the car in the stressful traffic. When I get home, it is dinner with the family and then usually exhausted I head to bed early, merely from a lack of energy. Even after a full 8 hours of rest, I don't want to get up, because I'm "tired." When I do get out for fun I tire easily and have little stamina for any activity that gets my heart rate going. I have struggled with physical depression for the past 17 years. And for the last few years, I have gotten sick for at least 3 weeks straight during the weather change in the fall.

On the outside, I am a beautiful and vibrant woman, with the world at my feet....and I have been deciding for far to long to neglect my overall health, body and nutrition. I've started hundreds of times and chosen the pleasure of excuses time and time again.

I coach people for a living and as a personal passion filler. I work on my MINDSET and skills everyday. I push people to get out of their comfort zones in order go from regular to remarkable. I coach folks to recognize and eliminate and overcome limiting beliefs every day. I coach people to to build habits one day at time, that in the end will create a life time of greatness. I coach people to do what comes unnaturally so that they can have more than they ever dreamed...yet, in this ONE area I have made lousy decisions and regular excuses.

Because I believe in the power of a coach, because the rate of success is more if I have one, because even my husband, who works out regularly& eats healthy can't be responsible for this area of life, because I am determined to find the athlete in me again, because it unlikely I will do it on my own, and because I am deciding today to get help where I need it the most, I hired a fitness and nutrition coach...with the goal of making this exercise, strength and health thing a LIFESTYLE...

And I'm posting it here for my followers, and for other coaches, and for friends, and sending it to my 2 business coaches for accountability. I am committed and I need support, and health and above all affirmation...especially here in the beginning. My coach and I set the plan tomorrow night at 8:00 pm....I am on the way to being my VERY BEST self, every day! See you at the TOP!

(did I mention that I'm afraid....I felt the fear my agents feel every day....I felt it there at the table in front of my new coach...James... I feel it now...but I am willing to tell the fear to sit down and shut up....I'm on my way to the top)

15 November 2008

list for the day

1. cold snaps
2. a fire in the fire place
3. chili with saltines and cheese for dinner
4. billy when he is wearing his sexy man glasses
the mayor, david smith, and his way of making everyone feel special (a true gift)
6. warm thera-flu on cold days to soothe a sore throat

7. blythe laughing at joey the hamster passing

8. my teenagers---YES...i have enjoyed them both so much this weekend.

9. old friends

10. new ones

09 November 2008

time to stock up...BR great sale

Ok...it is a time of economic restraint, however, Banana Republic is having a rediculous sale! And if you are a LUXE memeber (I am- DUH)....then you get an additonal 25% off on EVERYTHING. New things....25% off. Sale items...ended up being 45% off their already sale prices! I had to stock up. Bill even bought an 8 dollar shirt. I love BR's suits. Classic pieces that I have owned and collected for years and through out the up and down sizes. Last week I wore a jacket I bought 12 years ago from BR....got more compliments on that jacket!
now, if i could just find a way to expand my closet....

my face is falling off

yes, I am on an eternal quest for easy beauty. recently i walked through the doors of Milk and Honey Spa here in Austin. I decided to try something new --a facial. Absolute heaven. That was a month ago. After consulting with Rebbecca, my estatishion, we decided to move forward with a CosmediX Timeless Peel to begin correcting my years of baking in the sun and my pesky forehead expression lines. I am only 4 days post peel but already the first layer of skin has peeled from the inside out. Yucky skin be-gone! sun damage be-gone! blotchy be-gone! My face is falling off and I love it. Hopefully I will remember to post a true post-final-face-falling-off review after the peeling has completed...

i know this is kind of gross to many...but it is fascinating to me and nice to actually see RESULTS on one of these treatments. I know my sister CTY would be fascinated too! The responses I get from people are hilarious. Some come right out and ask "What happened to your skin!!!" and then....there are those that recognize the fabulousness of the falling off face!---" Oh, you got a peel! You are going to LOVE the results!" (those are my favorite)

The other thing Rebecca taught me:
you PLUCK chickens
you TWEEZE hairs

04 November 2008

I voted

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