21 September 2007

macaroni and cheese

this is my all time favorite food. i had more of it than water as a child, and i to this day consume my fair share. no, i don't think you understand how much i love macaroni and cheese. while i had a marriage that didn't make it 3 years, i did, in 2001, have an amazing wedding....and on the menu-- macaroni and cheese. there i was in a poofy white wedding gown with a huge plate of mac and cheese and a glass of champagne. i may have lost the marriage but i still have the china and the affinity for the cheesiest, creamy dish.

i did, one time, try to make it from scratch. i researched and finally decided on a recipe from OPRAH thinking surely hers would be delish. long story short-- i don't try to cook it any more. i just taste the mac that others have prepared.

i consider myself a connoisseur of the delicious golden cheesy pasta and try it any time it is on the menu where i am dining. some of my favorite places that serve it are moonshine grill, boston market, and my neighbor down the street makes a pretty good bowl of homemade mac and cheese. but all this is to say, that yesterday, i found what i think may be the pinnacle of mac and cheese goodness at this place.

yes....quality seafood market in north austin now has my favorite bowl of macaroni and cheese. guess who else loves mac and cheese? manthie girl.....i think i will take her to the pot of gold at the end of the macaroni rainbow this weekend! peace out and may you find an endless supply of your favorite comfort food.

03 September 2007

haulin' buns

seen at IH35 and Ben White