03 January 2008

this place in my heart

My brother introduced me to Tulum in 2003...he has been there working on a project and some other real estate deals for some time.
I've been there 3 times. First was with Hot Magma in 2003 just before the big D and I don't mean Dallas. I fell in love with the laid back low budget style of this once secret little spot.

The next visit was in Feb 04. I went to spend my birthday with Cameron and Ioulia. It was bittersweet...I was wanting to share Tulum with someone I loved.

The last time I was there was in January of 06, just days before I met Bill. I went for Maggie and Todd's wedding, and my heart friends Jack and Malia joined me. I was there for 2 glorious weeks surrounded by friends.

This time I get to introduce Bill to this place in my heart. Were booked at this little spot at the tip of the yucatan near the Sian Kann Bioreserve called La Zebra Tulum.

Tulum is no longer a secret. They bring bus loads of folks down to crawl like ants over the Tulum Ruins and my once favorite beach spot El Paraiso. It isn't the cheap place it used to be...it has been discovered. I will keep going back. And this time, I get to take my honey....next time we will bring the kids. See you on the beach.